| 6th September 2014 |

Wo Desh Ki Beti- Times of India

A Message from Ms. Chaya Devi, Association of British Scholars

Chaya Devi BJP

Dear Citizens,

We Cordially invite you on an occasion of Wo Desh Ki Beti (वो देश की बेटी…!)

In a developing country like India, the rate of crimes against women has inflated unimaginably and shamefully. A common man's frustration regarding deadly crises is being limited to a few minutes while reading a Newspaper or watching at Televisions, Our Leaders take out time now and then to make even more regressive comments. Situation like this made a Scientist to react silently with a pen. To which an Artist painted emotions.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Verma (D.Phil., University of Oxford) our ABS Member, Being a Great Scientist has, wrote poems On our Daughter of the Nation with the Title of Wo Desh Ki Beti (वो देश की बेटी…!). The poet's pain has been expressed colorfully by the paintings of Sri K.Y. Das.

We all want our nation to develop, but please remember Our traditions, Vedas and Culture of the Bharat Say, Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata HA (Where Women Are Honored, Divinity Blossoms There)

I request everyone to come and attend this Painting Exhibition and the event. I hope you contribute your valuable time for “The Daughter of the Nation”.

Kind Regards,

Assiciation of Britsih Scholars


Chaya Devi, Managing Director
Destiny Overseas, India & UK
BJP -Telangana State EC Member
Treasurer - Association of British Scholars, Hyderabad, India

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Opening Event at Lamakaan

| 5th September 2014 |

Wo Desh Ki Beti- Times of India

Event Inauguration

| Sri Bandaru Dattatreya and ABS |

Wo Desh Ki Beti- Times of India